I want to share with you my favorite Christmas story. This is a repeat from my book, “Max Speaking – Devotionals From My Heart.” You will find it on page 31 in the book. I hope that you will enjoy the story of Christmas again, as I enjoy telling it.    A little girl had […]


What makes the celebration of Christmas so unique?  What is there about Christmas that is so amazing? It is the incarnation.  That God would enter into this life that we live.  That eternity would appear in time. That somehow the Creator would appear in creation in such a way that men’s eyes could actually see Him.  It […]


As I was going through my Christmas file, I found this article.  I do not know who wrote it.  I thought it was good and want to share it with you. If you know the author, please let me know and I will give credit where credit is due. “Christmas should disturb, trouble us.  Does […]


Dennis J. Wheeler included this story in his weekly email devotional. I liked it and hope you do too. “I recently came across this wonderful story … After Ruth suffered a debilitating stroke, that left her right side incapacitated, she had to take up residence in a local nursing home.  Like so many others in similar […]