The Duke of Norfolk once sent the King of England a priceless treasure as an expression of his love and esteem. It was a PORTLAND VASE, a rare antique.  Because he wanted to share his treasure with the nation, the King had the vase placed in the British Museum.

At a later date, so the story goes, came disaster.   The Duke’s chief servant was dismiss for a wrong doing.  The servant hated the Duke for this and sought vengeance.  The servant remembered how much the Duke loved that Portland Vase so he planned to hurt the Duke by destroying the vase. The servant went to London and located the Portland Vase.  When visitors were gone from the area, he quickly climbed over the barrier.  At last, his moment of revenge had come.  Hatred blinded him to caution. With both hands he grasped the beautiful master piece and raised it high above his head. Then with all his might, he sent it crashing to the floor.  His evil work was done.

The priceless Portland Vase was smashed into a thousand pieces.  Shocked and grieved, the workers swept up the shattered pieces.  The antique was broken beyond repair, or so it seemed.

The King hearing of the tragedy told them to save every piece.  This is my most precious and treasured gift.  We’ll search for a man who can repair it, no matter what it costs. At long last, such a man was found.  He came to London and for months he labored.  Working with great skill and endless patience, he picked up each broken fragment and found its place in the original vase.  Delicately, he fixed the vase back to its original form.  You may see the Portland Vase in the British Museum today.  Only by looking carefully can you tell of its restoration.

I do not know of the truth of this story but it beautifully speaks of what God had done for mankind.  Satan, through sin, had as it were, picked man up and threw him down upon the ground, breaking him into pieces.  Now, God could have ignored broken humanity. He could have swept mankind aside and forgot the whole thing.  But no, His love for man was too great.  So, He sent His Son, Jesus on a rescue mission, a mission of restoration. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came to earth to seek and to save the lost, the broken pieces, sinful mankind.   Jesus came to pick up the broken pieces and restore man to his rightful place in God’s family.  Christ came calling through the preaching/teaching of the Good News of salvation, that everyone can be forgiven and made whole.

David understood this when he wrote the 23rd Psalm and said, “He restores my soul.”  God revives me, He makes me whole, unbroken through His Son, Jesus.

A song by Bill and Gloria Gaither says it all.. “Something beautiful, something good.  All my confusion He understood. All I had to offer Him was brokenness and strife, But He made something beautiful of my life.”


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