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Max was born in Owosso, Michigan on February 21, 1927.   His wife, of 60 years, died January 22, 2009.  He has two sons. Timothy and Daniel.  Both boys are in the church related ministry.   He has 5 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.   Max remarried February 9, 2010 to Joann Smiley of Gainesville, Georgia.  They are now residing in Gainesville, Georgia. 

Max became a Christian in his teen-age years. He dedicated his life to full time specialized Christian Service at Rock Lake Christian Assembly in Michigan.  He attended Johnson Bible College, Kimberlin Heights, Tennessee, receiving his Bachelor of Arts Degree.  He earned his Master of Arts Degree in Guidance and Counseling from Michigan State University, Lansing, Michigan.

He has ministered to churches in Indiana, Michigan, Florida, Tennessee and Kentucky. He has served as Assistant Professor at Louisville Bible College, Louisville, Kentucky and Florida Christian College, Kissimmee, Florida. He has been in the church related ministry for 60 years.

His favorite book is “The Will of God” by Leslie Weatherhead. His favorite Bible commentary is William Barclay. His favorite verses in the Bible are the first three verses of the 14th chapter of John. His favorite song is “What A Fellowship.”

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  1. I turned 67 today. I am grateful for a life of great memories. I loved your photo,Max. You blessed us so much when you were at Jackson.Your devotion about Pentecost is great! I don’t know exactly where the adventure begins.Bethlehem,.Calvary.the Resurrestion.Jerusalem.but it reaches through the centuries to us…God is great! thank you for yuour thoughts, Max………..Steve

  2. Max, I was the weakest member of the flute quartet when we competed at a state music contest in the late 30s. Jo, two others and myself came in second at a contest. We didn’t measure our rating as a failure. We were proud of our accomplishment; not just for a good rating, but the fact that we enjoyed the company of other members of our group. I feel that we all gained more from our relationship and love and respect for each other that made it a memorable experience.

    Jo attended my wedding on Feb. 17, 1943. She was a close friend of myself, as well as my husband to be, Willard, who played cornet in the high school band. Willard passed away in 2000.

    Jo was a person as loving, fun loving, and in every way a very exceptional person in my life time.

    I’m happy to hear that her life turned out so loving and loved.

    Sincerely, Pat Mumford

    Due to Jo’s encouragement and belief in my possibility to conquer the flute, I persisted and enjoyed several years playing the flute in the concert and marching high school bands.

    Jo holds a special place in my heart due to her compassion, respect for others, and her belief that I could accomplish the belief that I would ever be good enough to compete in a state contest.

  3. Max, you were the best professor I ever had. Thanks for the lessons, the in-class mini-sermons, and the fellowship.

    Rick Castleberry
    Flordia Christian College, Class of 2006

  4. Max,

    (Over the years we have seen not only our earthly friendshio grow, but our mutual love of the lord and our
    assurance that what is done in Christ is eternal.The spirit of Christianity and spiritual enrichment fow from you to your readers, congregations, elders, deacons and FRIENDS. Thank You for the deviotins, hours and hours of Christian conversation,and for preachng the most intense of all your great sermons the daily life thatyou lead s you said in the previous we all must commit ourselves to……………LIFT UP JESUS.

  5. Wonderful history, but, who is the good looking guy in the picture?

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